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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

When you delete a photo or video, your iPhone or iPad moves it to your Recently Deleted album, where it gets automatically deleted after 30-40 days. In this album, you'll see the countdown of the number of days until it's going to be deleted. This is a great way to recover an accidentally deleted photo or video. 

You also may be deleting photos or videos to save space. In this case, you need to also delete photos and videos from the Recently Deleted album before space is freed up.

Go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted


How to Assign Photos to Contacts

I like seeing a photo on my iPhone screen when I'm receiving a call. However, I don't have photos associated with all of the people I speak to most frequently. Luckily, it's an easy thing to do!

In the Photos App, open the image you want to assign to your contact and select 'Assign to Contact.' 

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How to Password Protect a Note

With iOS 9, the Notes App that comes with your Apple device got some major upgrades. One of those upgrades is the ability to password protect a note.

Since you can also save pictures in notes, I plan to keep a picture of my drivers license and passport in a password protected note, in case I need them when traveling.

Here's how to password protect a note:

Step 1 - Select a note you'd like to protect with a password or Touch ID and select the Share button in the upper right corner.

Privacy and Security
Password Management

How to Stop Getting Repeated Message Notifications

By default your iPhone is set up to give you a second message notification 2 minutes later, if the first notification was received when your iPhone is locked.

Here's how you can turn off that second notification, or if you like it, set it to give you even more repeated alerts:

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Repeat Alerts (at the bottom) > Set to "Never" to receive only the initial notification.

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How to Customize Your Email Signature

Sometimes when I'm on the go, I reply to an email and really don't want the recipient to know that I've sent the email from my iPhone.

Since Apple sets the default signature to 'Sent from my iPhone' or 'Sent from my iPad', you have to change this setting if you want a different signature.

Here's how to change your signature:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Signature and update your signature