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Control Center

The Control Center is found by swiping up from the bottom of your screen on your device and it has all of your most used features located on it such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Display Brighness, Volume, etc. There are more option such as music that you can access by swiping to the left on the Control Center. It is like home base for your device. 


iOS Key Features

A generic term that refers to a thing made for a specific purpose. The iPhone is a mobile device created by Apple.

iOS Overview

Emoji refers to the icons that you can use on your phone such as a smiley face, flower, christmas tree, etc. Emoji's are a fun way to show expression without using words. 

iOS Key Features

You can adjust the exposure of a photo by selecting the sunburst icon, and sliding it up or down. That will either lighten or darken the photo.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing refers to an action on an Apple decide where you can share apps, iBooks, music, etc. with your family members if you pay for that option. 

iOS Overview

When talking about Favorites on your device it is referring to any pictures that you selected the heart icon located on the screen, tagging it as a Favorite. Once you have done that it will then be saved in your iOS 'Favorites' album where you can easily go to and see a compilation of all your favorite photos.

File Sharing

Cloud storage companies also offer File Sharing. Which allows you to start a document at work and pick it up at home and collaborate with others. File Sharing also supports the syncing of data.


Cloud Overview
Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is associated with the Apple ID that you are signed in to with iCloud. When you select it, you will see some additional options which is where you can turn it on. It explains what Find my iPhone does which allows you to lock, locate, or erase your iPhone.


Privacy and Security
Focus Pixels

Your iPhone also has a feature called ‘Focus Pixels’, which uses detection points at different angles, and the image processor, which can calculate the difference and actually work on the adjustments. Which is why you get crisp photos just by picking up your phone, and snapping a picture of a flower.


Geotagging identifies the location where the picture was taken.


The grid tool is the icon with triangles and arrows and is where you can crop and rotate your photo. When you use the grid, you will see your photo is framed with four corners and you can drag those corners of the grid tool to set your own crop. When you set your new size and release it, it will show you your new size of photo.


HD stands for High-Definition and it is most applicable when talking about photography or videos. It is a higher quality picture when using HD. 

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HDR takes three pictures automatically. It takes a low exposure, high exposure and medium exposure, and it combines the three, and the result is one picture that is amped up a little bit. It’s got richer, more robust colors.

Home button

The Home button on your device is referring to the button that you have on the bottom center of your device that you can push to get taken to your Home screen. It is also used when you power off your device or when you press/hold you can access Siri. 

iOS Key Features
Home Network

Home network is referring to your cellular service that is installed at your home. Your device will automatically connect whenever you are in the range of your home netowrk and it is the safest, most reliable network. 

Getting Connected

iBooks are just another way of saying a book that you can download and read on your mobile devices. 

iOS Overview

iCloud is referring to a secure place that stores your personal data and is where you can back up your photos, documents and data. 

iOS Overview
iCloud Backup

iCloud backups include everything you need to restore your iPhone, which makes them very important. iCloud backups include your device Settings, your Home screen, and app organization. All of your iMessages are in your iCloud backup, including your Health data and your iTunes purchases that you made on your iPhone. They may include your photos and videos, if you don’t use the iCloud Photo Library.



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iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive allows apps to store documents and data in iCloud.


Cloud Overview
iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is the best way to sync your photos across all Apple devices. You don’t have to plug in your iPhone to your computer, to sync photos to the iCloud Photo Library. Every time you take a picture, it will automatically sync to your iCloud Photo Library, whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi.