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Featured App - Camera+

The camera in your iPhone is so good, that you’re probably getting good results without much effort. However, with just a little extra effort and know-how, you can get amazing results.

One of my favorite photography apps is Camera+, which you use instead of your iPhone camera when you’re taking pictures. It leverages the hardware features of your camera and also saves to your photos app, so your photos are all in one place.

Photo Search

Photo Search on your device allows you to search for objects in your photos. The way it works, is that your photos are scanned by iOS, and they are put into categories.


On the sharing screen, you have an AirDrop section. When you have AirDrop enabled, you are going to get an option to share your photo with anybody that is near by you, including your own devices.


When talking about Favorites on your device it is referring to any pictures that you selected the heart icon located on the screen, tagging it as a Favorite. Once you have done that it will then be saved in your iOS 'Favorites' album where you can easily go to and see a compilation of all your favorite photos.


On your iPhone you can take a panoramic photo (PANO), which is great for landscapes or something too large to capture in just one photo. You can take them anywhere, even inside, which isn’t very practical.


You can edit photos by adjusting the intensity of them which will change the tones of the photos from high to low intensity based on your preference.