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iOS Overview

A10 Fusion Chip

Also in the iPhone 7, it has an A10 Fusion Chip which is even better than the A9 Chip. It has even greater CPU performance, graphic performance, and it's the fastest single threaded mobile SoC released to date.

A9 Chip

The A9 Chip was included in the iPhone 6s models and the 4 inch SE. It had 70% more CPU performance than the previous chip, and it also has 90% better graphics.

Minor Update

Minor updates happen every few weeks and they are designed to help fix minor issues following a major update. You should do minor updates right away since they will instantly help fix problems. 

Security Questions

Apple allows you update your password if you can’t remember but it uses your recovery email so make sure that’s good, or it will ask for your security questions. Go ahead and proactively make sure those security questions are something you are going to be able to remember.



When the Passcode is enabled, and your phone is locked you can see the lock in the status bar. And you can also see a message that says, “Press Home to Unlock.” Which brings you to a screen that allows you to enter your Passcode.



Major Update

Apple does a major software update once a year, which introduces new features and updates existing features. You should always wait 1-2 weeks to do a major update to make sure all of the bug fixes are taken care of before you update. 


iCloud is referring to a secure place that stores your personal data and is where you can back up your photos, documents and data.