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How to Manage Your Facebook News Feed

See more of what you like to see; and less of what you don't.
If you don’t manage your Facebook feed, it can quickly become annoying. This annoyance is inevitable since you can’t control the things posted by your Friends, or the pages for businesses and organizations that interest you.
But there is something you can do about it--and Facebook has recently updated their Settings to make it easer. By following these steps, you can transform your News Feed into something much more manageable. 
Start by going to the Facebook App on your smartphone, or Facebook on a computer.
If using the App, go to your profile by selecting the three lines on the bottom right, and finding the settings option. Then select News Feed Preferences.

Prioritize who to see first

- Decide which posts you want to see at the top of your news feed.
- You can set this to any friend, page, or person you follow. 
- You can select up to 30 people or pages to see first, but your selections aren’t ranked.


Unfollow people to hide their posts

- You follow people and pages when you ‘Like’ them, but you can Unfollow them at any time.
- If you Unfollow, they’ll still be in your Friends list and you can always go to their page to see their posts.
- The person or page will not know that your have Unfollowed them. 


Reconnect with people you unfollow

- If you Unfollowed a person or page, they will appear on this list.
- Select the person or page to begin following again.
- Their posts will begin appearing in your News Feed.


Discover pages that match your interests

- Facebook makes it easy to discover pages by suggesting pages you may find interesting.
- As you Like more pages, you’ll see more suggestions that match your interests.
- It’s any easy way to discover new pages you didn’t know existed.
If you take these easy steps to adjust your News Feed to your preferences, it will be much more useful!