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How Baby Boomers Use Social Media

Marketers are very interested in how to tap into our time, energy and money.
As a group, baby boomers are a force to be reckoned with. In the U.S., there were 74 million people born between 1946 and 1964. So it’s not surprising that marketers have been doing research to figure out how we use popular social media platforms.
In this DMN3 Institute survey, conducted in July, 2015, research found that 91% of baby boomers use one or more social media sites. About 17% of the group surveyed spent 11 hours or more per week on Facebook. 
If you can’t figure out a compelling reason to spend time learning Instagram or Twitter, you’re not alone.
When asked about social networking sites, here is how baby boomers responded: 
1 - Facebook (85% use or belong)
Not surprisingly, Facebook is the most popular social media platform by a wide margin.
From my experience, a large percentage of the questions I get about technology are Facebook related, suggesting that baby boomers are very active on Facebook.
Love it or hate it, Facebook is a great way to stay connected with people, which is important for many baby boomers.
2 - Pinterest (41% use or belong)
Pinterest is also widely used by baby boomers. Based on my discussions with baby boomers, you are either a Pinterest lover or have an account that you rarely use.
People who use it on a regular basis really love Pinterest. It’s a great way to get inspiration for everything from recipe ideas, to how to decorate your spare bedroom. It can also be very addicting.
3 - LinkedIn (38% use or belong)
If you’re working for a medium or large sized business, you likely have a LinkedIn account. And certainly if you’ve had to change jobs in recent years, you’re aware that LinkedIn is the best way to do business networking.
From my discussions, people who are retired or self-employed don’t find a compelling reason to be active on LinkedIn.
4 - Google+ (35% use or belong)
Many people have Google+ accounts because they are a gmail user, but they don’t actively engage in Google+. In fact, most people I've taked to don’t even know how to get to Google+ posts.
I’ve tried repeatedly to understand how to use Google+ as a social media platform but still don’t get it.
5 - Twitter (35% use or belong)
Most baby boomers are familiar with the concept of Twitter's short, 140 character posts. You likely have seen an image of a tweet on the news or on a website.
Although many of you have Twitter accounts, you still can’t find a compelling reason to invest the time to become active users.
6 - Instagram (16% use or belong)
Surprisingly in the research, there is a low number of baby boomers that are active on Instagram.
Most people I talk to are curious about Instagram, but just don’t care to understand it enough to get involved.
If you own a business, you may be more active in all social medial outlets, focusing on those where your target market is active. 
However, for personal use, baby boomers in general have a limited amount of time or energy they are willing to invest in social media.