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Featured App - myCARFAX

A free and easy way to access maintenance and recall information on your vehicle.

If you're like me, you've likely heard about CARFAX when buying a used car. Their main business is detailed vehicle history reports that show the maintenance and repair history on a vehicle. CARFAX information can reveal if a car is a ‘lemon’ or had previously been in an accident, which is good to know when buying a used car.

But did you know that CARFAX also provides vehicle maintenance and repair history for cars you own, including recall information? You can get information for up to 5 vehicles for free using the myCARFAX app.
myCARFAX allows you to reduce the headache of servicing your car, by letting you stay on top of open recalls, see your vehicle's service history, get alerts for upcoming service, and find trusted service shops.
You can access the service by visiting the CARFAX website or by using the myCARFAX app on your smartphone. Here's how:

Step 1 - Create a free myCARFAX Account

Download the myCARFAX app and create an account. You can then enter your VIN or State/License Plate Number for up to 5 vehicles.

Step 2 - View the Dashboard

The dashboard shows your mileage, recalls, oil change, tire change or vehicle registration. You can also update your mileage if it is inaccurate.

Step 3 - View Service History

Every time your car is serviced, including oil changes, the VIN number is recorded. Car fax displays this information for your vehicle, making it easy to review your history.
If you’re missing some maintenance records, there is a way for your service provider to update the information.

Step 4 - View the Maintenance Schedule 

If your car is displaying a maintenance code on the dashboard, you can use the app to figure out what maintenance is required.

Step 5 - Research Repair Costs 

You can get repair costs for many types of issues. For my recent issue, the dealer told me the AC compressor needed to be replaced. With the car fax app, I was able to get a repair estimate based on my zip code.

Step 6 - Find a Shop

The car fax app shows me the recent shops that have worked on my car, as well as their address and phone number. You can also find a repair shop based on your zip code. 
As you can see, this type of information is really useful for anyone that owns a car. No need to keep car maintenance records in your glove box--just open the myCARFAX app on your phone!
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