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Featured App - Houzz

A virtual parade of homes that's always open.

With winter in full swing in Grand County, Colorado, it means plenty of vistiors to my town home in the heart of Winter Park, Colorado.

I’m ready to embrace winter with the skiing, snowshoeing and sledding that's available out my front door. In this resort community, the home I bought came fully furnished. You would think I have nothing to do but move in, but the walls are white for heaven’s sake! It's time for some mountain home design inspiration.

A lot of my friends use Pinterest to get inspiration, but my favorite site for design ideas is Houzz. It's like a virtual parade of homes tour that's always open--plus you don't have to take off your shoes.

Not familiar with Houzz? Here are some interesting facts:

  • Houzz started in February of 2009 and became available for the iPad in November of 2010.
  • As of September 2014, there were over 4 million home design photos in Houzz and over 2 million home improvement specialists.
  • You can go from inspiration to reality by getting detailed information about products and paint colors used in the design.
  • When shopping for products, Houzz handles the payment and the seller handles fulfillment of the order and customer service.
  • If you’re a professional in the home improvement field, you can list your business and submit photos for free. You can also easily customize your profile—for a price.

So how do you get design inspiration? Here's how I did it using Houzz for my mountain home:

Step 1 - On my iPad, I open the Houzz app (free) and start by picking a room and style.

Step 2 - When I see a picture I like, selecting " i " gives me more information.

Step 3 - Next, I save it to an ideabook, adding comments. I always mark my comments as private.

Step 4 - View the ideabook on the houzz.com website for even more information--like paint colors!

Step 5 - I use the Houzz app on my smartphone to look at my ideabook when shopping.

Looking at my ideabook for my mountain home, I really have zeroed in on the look I want to achieve. I know my space won't look exactly like the photo, but I'll be a lot closer with the inspiration I was able to capture on Houzz.

Download the Houzz app and visit our App Index to find many other apps that we find useful.