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Featured App - Facebook Messenger

The best way to message Facebook friends--or anyone for that matter.
Facebook has always had chat capabilities, but a few years ago, they created a stand-alone messaging platform called Facebook Messenger, which has become almost as popular as Facebook itself. As of July 2016, Facebook Messenger reportedly had 1 billion monthly users.
Messenger's functionality can vary greatly across devices. The message features you see on your smartphone may be in a different place on your tablet, or even buried further on your computer. 
Facebook keeps improving the features in Facebook Messenger, but most people I know use messenger to have a text conversation with their friends on Facebook.
I use it to communicate with people who are not in my contacts, like a Facebook friend, for example. It’s great for setting a coffee appointment with a business prospect, for example.
You can also communicate with people who are not your Facebook friends. I once lost my wallet, including my passport, a day before traveling internationally.
After frantically searching for over 4 hours, I received a message on Facebook Messenger from someone who found my wallet on the street. She had searched for my name on Facebook and after being reasonably sure it was me from my photo, sent the vacation-saving message!
Here’s how to get started with Facebook Messenger:

Step 1 - Download the FREE Facebook Messenger App



Step 2 - Sign in with your Facebook Account

Select the ‘Not on Facebook’ option if you don’t have a Facebook account. You’ll access messenger using your phone number. 

Step 3 - View your contacts



Step 4 - Select a person and start a message



Step 5 - Make a phone call or video call


Select the phone or video icon to make a call using Facebook Messenger. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection, which makes it a good option for International calling.

Step 6 - You’ll see all of your messages on the Facebook website


As you can see, Facebook Messenger is easy to use and is an easy way to communicate with friends on Facebook; or anybody for that matter!

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