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Featured App - Audible

The most popular source for purchasing audiobooks.

Several years ago, I got hooked on audiobooks during a cross-country road trip. I listened to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and was mesmerized by the story and quality of the narration.
It was an incredible way to pass the time, and since then, audiobooks became one of my preferred ways to ‘read’ the stacks of books I never have time to read.
Back then, I had the Lord of the Rings collection on CD, which I borrowed from a friend. On that road trip, I remember putting in the next CD as the story progressed.
Today, it’s much easier to listen to an audiobook of any length using an app on your smartphone. And with an Audible subscription, it’s easy to find new titles to add to your collection each month.
Audible is an Amazon subsidiary and the world’s largest producer of audiobooks. Audible has over 200,000 top-selling titles, including radio, TV programs, magazines, and newspapers.
Here’s how to get started using Audible: 
Step 1 - Create an Audible Account
Go to audible.com and get started with the free trial, where you can download one audiobook for free. 
You’re asked to sign in with your Amazon account.
After the 30 day trial, the Audible subscription for 14.95 a month, which adds one credit a month to your account. One credit equals one audiobook.
Step 2 - Purchase an Audible audiobook
After your free trial is over, you’ll go to audible.com to look for a new audiobook. 
You’ll also see the Audible option when looking at many popular titles on amazon.com.
You can either pay the price shown for the audiobook, or use your Audible credit for the purchase. 
Step 3 - Download the Audible App
Audible for iOS or Android.
The Audible App is the player on your device that allows you to manage your audiobook library and listen to a book. It also keeps track of where you are in the book so you can stop and start easily.
You can’t buy audiobooks in the Audible App. You have to go to audible.com or Amazon to purchase.
Step 4 - Cancelling Your Audible Subscription
If you cancel your membership, your credit card will no longer be billed each month. Previously purchased audiobooks will still be available to you in your library. 
Give Audible a try using the free trial. If you’re like me, you’ll become a member and enjoy getting a free credit each month so you can add to your audiobook library.
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