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Featured App - Amazon Music

If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to 29 million songs—free.

If you already have an Amazon Prime account to take advantage of free shipping, you should also be taking advantage of free access to Amazon Music.
Amazon Music has a library of over 29 million songs, which makes it competitive with Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. Amazon Prime is $99 a year ($8.25 a month) and even if you aren't using it for free shipping, it’s still a good value for the music benefits. 
Plus it’s easy to get started. You can either download the Amazon Music app and start listening to recommendations on the go, or use your computer, go to amazon.com, search for an artist and start building your library. 
Other considerations:
  • Amazon Music has no ads, no playback restrictions and no additional costs.
  • If you have more than one household member on your Amazon Prime account, only one person has access to Prime Music.
  • If you cancel your Amazon Prime account, your music is still in the app, but greyed out and you can’t play it unless you re-activate your account. 
Using the Amazon Music App, you have access to two main features, Prime Music and Your Library. 
Prime Music
  • Explore music (when connected to wi-fi) in Amazon's library of over 29 million songs.
  • Listen to full versions of songs or albums with no ads. If you like it, you can easily download music to your library.
  • Prime Music provides recommendations of albums, songs, stations and playlists based on music in your library.
Your Library
  • In the app, you can access your Cloud Library (when connected to wi-fi) or your Offline Library (music your downloaded to your device).
  • Add albums and songs to your library to create your own playlists, listen by genre, artist or album. 
  • You can listen to your offline library anywhere, which makes it perfect for in the car or travel. Your Offline Library includes all music on your devices, including your iTunes library. 
Here’s how to get started with the Amazon Music App:
Step 1 - Download the Amazon Music App
- Download the Amazon Music app and login with your Amazon Prime account.
Step 2 - Update settings
- Go to settings by selecting the 3 lines in upper left, then the gear icon in the bottom left.
- Turn on Auto-download Amazon Music purchases.
- Turn on Download and stream only on wi-fi. 
Step 3 - Go to Prime Music
- Recommendations are built based on music in your library.
- To get better recommendations, start by going to Prime Music and explore.
Step 4 - Search for an artist
- Go to Prime Music and search for an artist.
- You’ll see everywhere that artists appears in Prime as an artist, as part of stations, their albums and playlists.
- Select one to explore and the music will start playing.
Step 5 - Download to your library
- Select the “+” sign to include in your library.
Step 6 - Add Music to Your Offline Library
- After you’ve added to your library, you’ll now see the download. 
Step 7 - Listen using the Amazon Music app
- When you want to listen to music, open the Amazon Music app and go to your library. 
- You’ll see either Offline Library or Online Library. Select the one you’d like to use and start listening.
As you can see, with Amazon Music, it easy to explore new music, build your own library and download music to your device so you can listen offline.
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