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Dig Up These Apps to Help Your Garden Grow

And supplement your green thumb.

Last week on my morning walk, I couldn't help but notice these little beauties popping their heads out of the ground. Living in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, Spring weather is really unpredicable. Seventy degree afternoons can, and will, turn into a blanket of snow in a few hours. 

Seeing flowers popping out of the ground, always gets me motivated to get my own garden growing. What about you?

As you know, technology is moving at an incredible pace. There are hundreds of new apps created every day and gardening apps are no exception.

After doing a little digging (no pun intended), I found some great apps that answer your basic questions and are sure to help your garden grow:

1.  When can I start planting?

An easy way to find out your range of last frost dates is to visit Dave's Garden. You can also be old school and call your local USDA Cooperative Extension System office or look it up on the Farmers Almanac website.

If you want to know exactly what, and more importantly when you can start planting in your area, check out the Vegetable Tree app. I plan to use it to figure out when I can start seeds indoors.

2.  What plant is this?  More importantly, what is crawling on it?

One of the things I like to do when walking through the neighborhood is look at what is growing well in the area.  I can identify most plants, but every now and then I get stumped. 

With the Garden Compass app, I can take a quick picture of the plant, send it in and one of their garden advisors will identify the plant.  Got a creepy bug or fungus?  They like those too.

3.  Where is a good local garden center?

If you're new to an area, or just sick of trying to find someone to help you at Home Depot, make sure you check out local garden stores. Most have knowledgable staff that know what works well in the immediate area.

You can find local garden centers on Yelp.

4. Where can I get inspiration?

I listed this one last, because I'm sure I'll lose you once you start looking on Pinterest for gardening ideas.

Not a Pinterest fan? You can also get great gardening ideas on Houzz.