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Hi, it's Jan. Here's where you'll find my insights and observations about the technology I use on a day-to-day basis.

PS: Since I'm an Apple user, most of the information is iPhone and iPad related!

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Happy Learners!

"I have a much better understanding of my iPhone! I've even been able to help my husband change things on his phone that he wasn't familiar with. I loved how the information was organized in easily consumable chunks. I never felt overwhelmed by the amount of information in the lessons."

"Taking the course opens your eyes to all the iPhone can do. So much more than taking pictures and making telephone calls.Thank you so much, Jan, for a very understandable, thorough, and well-organized course."

"I loved that you did this course for us baby boomers. To me, it was a real gift. What I personally found most valuable was having someone my age willing to listen to the things I don’t understand, and to patiently help me to understand them."